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Forgot Gmail Password Get Step by Step Recovery from Account Support Number


Forgetting Gmail password is not unusual, and it may happen with a lot of users. So, if you are a Gmail user, and you have forgotten your password, there is nothing to be embarrassed. All you need is to know the technique of Gmail password recovery.

Following step by step methods for password recovery will help to do the job with precision and within the quickest frame of time. Before we go to the step by step process of password recovery, let us check some possibilities for forgetting password. Keeping these possibilities in mind will help you to remember password to some extent.

So, here are the primary reasons for forgetting Gmail password:

  • Not keeping note of password and username
  • New user to Gmail
  • Not a frequent user to Gmail
  • Setting up uncommon password
  • Mistakenly CAPS LOCK was on while changing password for Gmail

Apart from these, many other possibilities are there. To remember your password, you should note it somewhere. It is also advised to make password that you can remember easily. It should be related to something you like or love. Using your own name as password is not recommended though, as that decreases password strength and such Gmail accounts become vulnerable to hacking or phishing.

Forgot Gmail Password Get Step by Step Recovery from Account Support Number

Password Recovery Steps

Now, let us come to the password recovery steps. Gmail provides simple password recovery options. However, it does not allow any user’ data to be compromise easily. Hence, you can expect robust security from Gmail. Password recovery can only be possible, if you are the genuine account holder – not intending to access anyone’s personal data. Here are the steps for password recovery:

  1. At first Go to the password recovery page of Gmail. At this page, you shall be asked to choose an option for account recovery. For example choose, ‘I have forgotten my password’ as you option and proceed to the next step.
  2. At the next step, you have to enter your Gmail address. Authentic Gmail address needs to be entered and check carefully while entering it. Mistake in Gmail address will lead to unsuccessful password recovery.
  3. At the next stage, you shall find three options for password recovery; they are: Alternative Email, Phone Verification and Security Questions.
  4. Choose any of the techniques and follow the instructions on your screen carefully. This will help you to reset your password.

After password reset, try logging to Gmail with your valid username and newly added password. For other information contact Gmail customer service.

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