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Roll of phone verification and alternate email on Gmail forgot password recovery process


Forgetting Gmail password is not a new thing, as many users stumble upon such event due to many reasons. For example, if you are not an active or frequent Gmail user, it is obvious that you may forget your password, especially when you are making attempt of logging in after a long time. Some people have changed password of their Gmail account recently, and they have forgot the password.

This happens for a lot of Gmail users. So, things like forgetting password of Gmail are not unusual. As per surveys, majority number of people faces password hiccups when signing in to Gmail. The best way of resolving password errors is considering phone verification.

Basically there are three ways of password recovery for Gmail. The most common way of recovering password is considering phone verification. How this process works? Well, we shall find the process in step by step method below:

1. The first step is making sure that you are not entering wrong password. Hence, you are suggested to enter password one more time. If you are getting error, it is the time to get prepared for password recovery.

2. The process of password recovery is simple. You need to visit “Trouble signing in to Gmail” page to start the process of recovering password.

3. At step 3, you have to enter your valid email address for which you are seeking password recovery.

4. Along with Email address, enter the CAPTCHA code with perfection. This will lead to quick account recovery.

5. At the next step, you need to choose either one of the three password recovery options. The second option is Phone Verification.

6. When you choose phone verification, a code will be sent to your registered phone number of Gmail. The SMS code will lead to the page where you can reset your password.

7. Reset your password carefully, and re-enter the password as per screen instructions.

8. Now, go to login page of Gmail, and try signing in with your valid email address and newly created password. There should not be any problems regarding logging in to the Gmail account.

Apart from these steps, there are other two processes of recovering Gmail password. The first option is recovering password through alternate email address. In this case, Gmail shall send a link for password resetting at your alternate email address. You can also reset password with Gmail security questions. Answer the security questions and you shall be allowed to set new password for your Gmail account.

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