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Unable to access your Gmail account, get Gmail help from customer service number


Gmail is a widely used emailing platform, and it is always known for its stunning features as well as emailing organizing options. Being user-friendly, Gmail has been recognized as the most popular free emailing platform in the world. Millions of Gmail users are there, and the number of users is rising with the advent of time.

The best thing about this emailing platform is that it is secured. Although issues, like hacking or phishing can take place anytime, but most of them happen due to negligence of the users. If you can keep your email credentials confidential, you shall never face email issues with Gmail.

If you cannot access your Gmail account, then there are a few possibilities of facing such error. In the following section, those possibilities and their solutions have been discussed. So, take a look at them:

Password or Emailing Typing Error

When you intend to login to your Gmail account, you have to go to the sign in page of Gmail. At this page, Gmail will ask you to enter username and password. Make sure that you have entered these things carefully otherwise you shall face issues with your login. If you are getting frequent login error, you must check CAPS LOCK setting of your keyboard. If it is turned on, then turn it off to avoid error due to capitalization of password.

Forgotten Your Gmail Password

Those, who are encountering frequent login errors with Gmail, should consider the fact that they may have forgotten their username and password. In such case, you have to go to account recovery page of Gmail. If you have forgotten Gmail password, then choose the possible reason for changing your password. Now, move to the next step and follow the screen instructions to continue on password recovery process. Following all instructions perfectly will leave you to the page, where you shall be asked to set new password. After setting new password, login to Gmail again.

Hacking or Phishing Issues

Hacking could be the possible reason why you cannot access your Gmail account. Hacker may have hacked your account and have changed your password. If this is the case, you need to follow account recovery process, as described above.

When you cannot login to Gmail, it is important that you should contact Gmail customer service. Professional customer support executives can guide you with perfection. They offer step by step instructions to clients so that account recovery can happen with ease.

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