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Unable to access your Gmail account, get Gmail help from customer service number

Gmail is a widely used emailing platform, and it is always known for its stunning features as well as emailing organizing options. Being user-friendly, Gmail has been recognized as the most popular free emailing platform in the world. Millions of Gmail users are there, and the number of users is rising with the advent of time. The best thing about this emailing platform is that it is secured. Although issues, like hacking or phishing can take place anytime, but most of them happen due to negligence of the users. If you can keep your email credentials confidential, you shall never face email issues with Gmail.

If you cannot access your Gmail account, then there are a few possibilities of facing such error. In the following section, those possibilities and their solutions have been discussed. So, take a look at them:

Password or Emailing Typing Error

When you intend to login to your Gmail account, you have to go to the sign in page of Gmail. At this page, Gmail will ask you to enter username and password. Make sure that you have entered these things carefully otherwise you shall face issues with your login. If you are getting frequent login error, you must check CAPS LOCK setting of your keyboard. If it is turned on, then turn it off to avoid error due to capitalization of password.

Forgotten Your Gmail Password

Those, who are encountering frequent login errors with Gmail, should consider the fact that they may have forgotten their username and password. In such case, you have to go to account recovery page of Gmail. If you have forgotten Gmail password, then choose the possible reason for changing your password. Now, move to the next step and follow the screen instructions to continue on password recovery process. Following all instructions perfectly will leave you to the page, where you shall be asked to set new password. After setting new password, login to Gmail again.

Hacking or Phishing Issues

Hacking could be the possible reason why you cannot access your Gmail account. Hacker may have hacked your account and have changed your password. If this is the case, you need to follow account recovery process, as described above.

When you cannot login to Gmail, it is important that you should contact Gmail customer service. Professional customer support executives can guide you with perfection. They offer step by step instructions to clients so that account recovery can happen with ease.

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Manage password or security related issue on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most viral social networking sites prevailing today, and it has more than a billion users browsing their wall day in and day out. Therefore, in this massive traffic and network congestion, it is extremely important for users to make sure that their account is safe and secure. There have been multiple instances of Facebook accounts being hacked, and some malicious content being posted tagging friends on the wall of the hacked account. Hence, users must make sure that they take utmost care to manage the safety and security of these accounts.

Talking of safety and security, there are a few best practices which can be taken into consideration by users as mentioned the Facebook customer support portals that are hosted online. For example – Users must make sure that they upgrade their account password at regular intervals of time, secondly the strength of the password should also be taken care off and users are advised not to keep any of their publicly available information as their account password. Apart from that, there are many other best practices as well which users can consider for ensuring that there is no malicious access to their Facebook account.

To add to that, users must make sure that they update any of their active contact points (be it their alternate mail address, or their mobile number) to the portal which would be instrumental in recovering their Facebook account in case they forget their password. In addition to that, security questions are another measure to protect the account. Users must make sure that they have the correct keys to the security questions as these are used to authenticate the users during account recovery.

Users generally link their social media sites such as Facebook to their primary mail account which in turn helps them track all the chats and notifications which they receive on Facebook. Therefore, any access issues with their primary mail account would also lead to access issues in Facebook. For example – in case the user’s Facebook account using which he logs in to Facebook gets blocked; the Facebook account would also get inaccessible.

In such cases, users need to connect to the Facebook Password Recovery team to first unblock the Facebook account, which in turn would help them regain access to their Facebook account with the newly set password. All such nitty-gritty and processes are mentioned in the online portals of the Facebook customer service team for perusal of the users.

Know about keeping secure your Facebook account

We are connected with our friends, family, relatives, office-mates and more over a single social media platform called Facebook.com. You sign-in daily on your Facebook account with your computer, laptop, mobile phone, office workstation; and sometimes you use to sign-out. This also happens that you kept your password save on a particular browser unknowingly. The hackers are going smart and way ahead of users; they want to mis-use your Facebook identity. Our Facebook account security became a hot topic among users.

Who wants to compromise with Facebook account security?

Want to use more security on you Facebook account?

How to keep Facebook account safe from hackers?

Your Facebook account has so many personal information, your personal photos, videos and contacts which you don’t want to lose. You can keep the security high on Facebook with help of these tips. Our expert’s team collected best tips to keep your Facebook account secure, safe and hack-free.

Strong & difficult password

The first thing you need to do is get a stronger password by using a combination of alpha-numeric characters and symbols. The common mistake users use to do is that they define their name, family name, phone number or nick name as password. It makes password weaker. If your Facebook password is then change it immediately with a stronger one.

Use mobile number for secure access

Facebook provides us a feature to keep our account secure with our mobile number. You need to confirm your mobile number with your Facebook account; this will help you to avoid any unauthorized access of your account. You can also reset and recover your password with it if you forget or lost it. Facebook will send you SMS for such activities. You can update it from Account Setting section after signing-in.

Secure browsing

Precaution is better than cure; and this apply here too. You should always prefer to browse your Facebook account in secure browsing or incognito mode. All the harmful attachments or threat applications cannot harm your privacy. You can easily active it from your latest browser. Also you can activate Secure browsing from your Facebook’ Account Settings tab and then Security section; just enable Secure Browsing here. You are safe now.

Define Limit Access of your Facebook account

You have all rights to define who can read and write on your post, who can check out your photos and videos, who can chat with your and befriend with you; that’s all for your Facebook account too. You can easily define these privacy settings from your Facebook account.

Use Log-in Approvals

You can define security for your Facebook account on the next level by activating Log-in Approval. This feature gives you extended security; each time you will Log-in on Facebook then you will get a code on your registered mobile number via SMS. You have to use it to access your Facebook account. Now no one can get access of your account except you.

We also recommend you to always “Uncheck” the “Keep me logged in” feature from the Log-in page and avoid spam links while using Facebook. In case, if you find any suspicious activity with your Facebook account thens immediately contact Facebook support team.

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Forgot Gmail Password Get Step by Step Recovery from Account Support Number

Forgetting Gmail password is not unusual, and it may happen with a lot of users. So, if you are a Gmail user, and you have forgotten your password, there is nothing to be embarrassed. All you need is to know the technique of Gmail password recovery. Following step by step methods for password recovery will help to do the job with precision and within the quickest frame of time. Before we go to the step by step process of password recovery, let us check some possibilities for forgetting password. Keeping these possibilities in mind will help you to remember password to some extent.

So, here are the primary reasons for forgetting Gmail password:

  • Not keeping note of password and username
  • New user to Gmail
  • Not a frequent user to Gmail
  • Setting up uncommon password
  • Mistakenly CAPS LOCK was on while changing password for Gmail

Apart from these, many other possibilities are there. To remember your password, you should note it somewhere. It is also advised to make password that you can remember easily. It should be related to something you like or love. Using your own name as password is not recommended though, as that decreases password strength and such Gmail accounts become vulnerable to hacking or phishing.

Password Recovery Steps

Now, let us come to the password recovery steps. Gmail provides simple password recovery options. However, it does not allow any user’ data to be compromise easily. Hence, you can expect robust security from Gmail. Password recovery can only be possible, if you are the genuine account holder – not intending to access anyone’s personal data. Here are the steps for password recovery:

  1. At first Go to the password recovery page of Gmail. At this page, you shall be asked to choose an option for account recovery. For example choose, ‘I have forgotten my password’ as you option and proceed to the next step.
  2. At the next step, you have to enter your Gmail address. Authentic Gmail address needs to be entered and check carefully while entering it. Mistake in Gmail address will lead to unsuccessful password recovery.
  3. At the next stage, you shall find three options for password recovery; they are: Alternative Email, Phone Verification and Security Questions.
  4. Choose any of the techniques and follow the instructions on your screen carefully. This will help you to reset your password.

After password reset, try logging to Gmail with your valid username and newly added password. For other information contact Gmail customer service.

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How can I use QuickBooks to email invoices?

Using Quickbooks to email invoices to the customers can be done easily by using outlook, outlook express or Thunderbird Email clients. In order to complete this you have to open the invoice which you want to send and then click on the drop down arrow route for send which is available at the top of the invoice. After doing this you have to select email invoice. The Email program opens and the invoice is attached directly to the Email. After this all you need to do is click on the send button and your Email with the invoice will be sent bow your client. You can also send the invoice at a later date with other forms, if there is a need. To do that you have to select the optionTo be emailed checkbox on the invoice. Then you want to send the e-mail you can do it and you are also allowed to send multiple forms in this manner just at one go.In case if you want to attach more forms to the Email you can create a PDF of each of the forms that you want to send and attach it to your Email. Then you think you are ready you can click on the send button and send it to your client. If you want to do it directly from the web mail service, you have to open the invoice you have to send and then click on the drop down arrow for send. You can find this button at the top of the invoice and then you have to select email invoice.

You can also send this e-mail to multiple recipients. For that you have to separate the various addresses with, or;. If you want to change the e-mail message you can just click on the Email text and made the changes. If you are subscribed toQuickBooks Billing Solutions and QuickBooks Merchant Service, you can enable your invoice for online payment by the client. To allow online payment you have to follow the same steps as the ball and only check the optionAllow online payment checkbox is selected.

To get more knowledge and information contact Quickbooks Customer Support team and you’ll get all the necessary solutions related to the various features which are available. You can learn everything about Quickbooks and get to learn about the variety of features available to customers and how you can make things easier for yourself in dealing with your business and clients. 

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Roll of phone verification and alternate email on Gmail forgot password recovery process

Forgetting Gmail password is not a new thing, as many users stumble upon such event due to many reasons. For example, if you are not an active or frequent Gmail user, it is obvious that you may forget your password, especially when you are making attempt of logging in after a long time. Some people have changed password of their Gmail account recently, and they have forgot the password. This happens for a lot of Gmail users. So, things like forgetting password of Gmail are not unusual. As per surveys, majority number of people faces password hiccups when signing in to Gmail. The best way of resolving password errors is considering phone verification.

Basically there are three ways of password recovery for Gmail. The most common way of recovering password is considering phone verification. How this process works? Well, we shall find the process in step by step method below:

1. The first step is making sure that you are not entering wrong password. Hence, you are suggested to enter password one more time. If you are getting error, it is the time to get prepared for password recovery.

2. The process of password recovery is simple. You need to visit “Trouble signing in to Gmail” page to start the process of recovering password.

3. At step 3, you have to enter your valid email address for which you are seeking password recovery.

4. Along with Email address, enter the CAPTCHA code with perfection. This will lead to quick account recovery.

5. At the next step, you need to choose either one of the three password recovery options. The second option is Phone Verification.

6. When you choose phone verification, a code will be sent to your registered phone number of Gmail. The SMS code will lead to the page where you can reset your password.

7. Reset your password carefully, and re-enter the password as per screen instructions.

8. Now, go to login page of Gmail, and try signing in with your valid email address and newly created password. There should not be any problems regarding logging in to the Gmail account.

Apart from these steps, there are other two processes of recovering Gmail password. The first option is recovering password through alternate email address. In this case, Gmail shall send a link for password resetting at your alternate email address. You can also reset password with Gmail security questions. Answer the security questions and you shall be allowed to set new password for your Gmail account.

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Outlook IMAP, POP3, and SMTP settings help from Outlook customer service

There is no denying to the fact that online mail customers face a plethora of issues and technical glitches while using their mail accounts. The more interesting fact about this is that a majority of those errors and issues actually lies in the system which the user uses to access the mail applications. A few examples of the system related issues which cause errors in mail execution are mentioned below for reference:-
a)      Browser related issues–There are times when there are certain changes in the settings, configurations or in the extensions of browsers (mostly due to virus or malware affecting the browser) due to which users face certain unexpected and abrupt redirection and pop-ups in their mail portal
b)      Protocol related issues – These issues are mostly faced by users who access their mail applications on mobile platforms. Users tend to complain that the changes or customizations that they perform in their mail client remains restricted to the client. It is not visible on any other device or platform in which they access their mail. This is primarily due to the protocol being used by the mobile app which links it to the mail server
c)      JavaScript related issues–There are certain links or actionable buttons in the mail client which has a background script or code written against it. However, these scripts would not get executed in case the JavaScript is disabled in the browser that the user uses to refer to their mail applications. This is a common issue in errors related to attaching files to mail content.
There are many other issues as well which is related to the platform being by user. However, amongst them protocol related issues such as the usage of POP3 or IMAP protocols are extremely common. These protocols are instrumental in ensuring as to whether the modifications or changes done to the mail system would reflect in the mail server or not. In case of POP3 protocol, all changes remain restricted to the system only i.e. the changes would be applied only to the system that the user is using and would be visible there itself. Other than that, the IMAP protocol would ensure that the modifications get saved to the Outlook server so that it gets reflected to any other platforms or devices which the user refers to.
Users can seek guidance form the Outlook customer service team in getting these protocols in the correct place as and when required. The team can be contacted via any of their available support platforms.

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