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How can I use QuickBooks to email invoices?

Using Quickbooks to email invoices to the customers can be done easily by using outlook, outlook express or Thunderbird Email clients. In order to complete this you have to open the invoice which you want to send and then click on the drop down arrow route for send which is available at the top of the invoice. After doing this you have to select email invoice. The Email program opens and the invoice is attached directly to the Email. After this all you need to do is click on the send button and your Email with the invoice will be sent bow your client. You can also send the invoice at a later date with other forms, if there is a need. To do that you have to select the optionTo be emailed checkbox on the invoice. Then you want to send the e-mail you can do it and you are also allowed to send multiple forms in this manner just at one go.In case if you want to attach more forms to the Email you can create a PDF of each of the forms that you want to send and attach it to your Email. Then you think you are ready you can click on the send button and send it to your client. If you want to do it directly from the web mail service, you have to open the invoice you have to send and then click on the drop down arrow for send. You can find this button at the top of the invoice and then you have to select email invoice.

You can also send this e-mail to multiple recipients. For that you have to separate the various addresses with, or;. If you want to change the e-mail message you can just click on the Email text and made the changes. If you are subscribed toQuickBooks Billing Solutions and QuickBooks Merchant Service, you can enable your invoice for online payment by the client. To allow online payment you have to follow the same steps as the ball and only check the optionAllow online payment checkbox is selected.

To get more knowledge and information contact Quickbooks Customer Support team and you’ll get all the necessary solutions related to the various features which are available. You can learn everything about Quickbooks and get to learn about the variety of features available to customers and how you can make things easier for yourself in dealing with your business and clients. 

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Roll of phone verification and alternate email on Gmail forgot password recovery process

Forgetting Gmail password is not a new thing, as many users stumble upon such event due to many reasons. For example, if you are not an active or frequent Gmail user, it is obvious that you may forget your password, especially when you are making attempt of logging in after a long time. Some people have changed password of their Gmail account recently, and they have forgot the password. This happens for a lot of Gmail users. So, things like forgetting password of Gmail are not unusual. As per surveys, majority number of people faces password hiccups when signing in to Gmail. The best way of resolving password errors is considering phone verification.

Basically there are three ways of password recovery for Gmail. The most common way of recovering password is considering phone verification. How this process works? Well, we shall find the process in step by step method below:

1. The first step is making sure that you are not entering wrong password. Hence, you are suggested to enter password one more time. If you are getting error, it is the time to get prepared for password recovery.

2. The process of password recovery is simple. You need to visit “Trouble signing in to Gmail” page to start the process of recovering password.

3. At step 3, you have to enter your valid email address for which you are seeking password recovery.

4. Along with Email address, enter the CAPTCHA code with perfection. This will lead to quick account recovery.

5. At the next step, you need to choose either one of the three password recovery options. The second option is Phone Verification.

6. When you choose phone verification, a code will be sent to your registered phone number of Gmail. The SMS code will lead to the page where you can reset your password.

7. Reset your password carefully, and re-enter the password as per screen instructions.

8. Now, go to login page of Gmail, and try signing in with your valid email address and newly created password. There should not be any problems regarding logging in to the Gmail account.

Apart from these steps, there are other two processes of recovering Gmail password. The first option is recovering password through alternate email address. In this case, Gmail shall send a link for password resetting at your alternate email address. You can also reset password with Gmail security questions. Answer the security questions and you shall be allowed to set new password for your Gmail account.

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Outlook IMAP, POP3, and SMTP settings help from Outlook customer service

There is no denying to the fact that online mail customers face a plethora of issues and technical glitches while using their mail accounts. The more interesting fact about this is that a majority of those errors and issues actually lies in the system which the user uses to access the mail applications. A few examples of the system related issues which cause errors in mail execution are mentioned below for reference:-
a)      Browser related issues–There are times when there are certain changes in the settings, configurations or in the extensions of browsers (mostly due to virus or malware affecting the browser) due to which users face certain unexpected and abrupt redirection and pop-ups in their mail portal
b)      Protocol related issues – These issues are mostly faced by users who access their mail applications on mobile platforms. Users tend to complain that the changes or customizations that they perform in their mail client remains restricted to the client. It is not visible on any other device or platform in which they access their mail. This is primarily due to the protocol being used by the mobile app which links it to the mail server
c)      JavaScript related issues–There are certain links or actionable buttons in the mail client which has a background script or code written against it. However, these scripts would not get executed in case the JavaScript is disabled in the browser that the user uses to refer to their mail applications. This is a common issue in errors related to attaching files to mail content.
There are many other issues as well which is related to the platform being by user. However, amongst them protocol related issues such as the usage of POP3 or IMAP protocols are extremely common. These protocols are instrumental in ensuring as to whether the modifications or changes done to the mail system would reflect in the mail server or not. In case of POP3 protocol, all changes remain restricted to the system only i.e. the changes would be applied only to the system that the user is using and would be visible there itself. Other than that, the IMAP protocol would ensure that the modifications get saved to the Outlook server so that it gets reflected to any other platforms or devices which the user refers to.
Users can seek guidance form the Outlook customer service team in getting these protocols in the correct place as and when required. The team can be contacted via any of their available support platforms.

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